Thursday, 2 May 2019

Master the art of Renderings

    Renderings can be the best way to show off your ideas if they are good enough, but if you don't put the extra effort into them then they will just bring down your project and people will lose faith in you. So since I never want to see another terrible render that will make me want to change career paths here are some ways that you can improve your renderings and make them look like something out of a magazine. 


    Output Settings 

The settings are the first place you can look and make sure your'e settings are correct for what you are using. There are not just "the best settings" you have to adjust them to what you are trying to convey. 
When selecting the resolution you have more options if you select printer and most likely the render will be going on a sheet to print, if you select printer make sure you pick a higher DPI it will increase the amount of time to render but will increase the quality. 


    Textures and Tools 

This might seem a bit basic but its necessary to keep in mind, you have to remember to use specific textures for each material. The textures and images Revit provides just don't cut it you have to go out of your way and find textures for each item, this can be boring but necessary. What I like to do is google the specific material and find a repeating texture. 

    Background Images 

I find this can be a tough one, finding an image that fits properly and doesn't warp or is bad quality can be really hard and can take time just make sure your searches are very specific.

    Photo Editor 

People put all this work into their renderings with settings and images but one of the best ways to enhance your render and add an extra special touch is to export it as a PDF or how you prefer and then bring it into Photo Shop or just a regular Photo editor and play around with it until it looks fantastic. 

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