Monday, 4 March 2019

Revit 2019, Best Updates and Changes (Part 1)

As Revit has been around for a long time now they have been getting better at improving the software. Some of the new updates have created new ways of doing things and also new things that you can do. Here are some of my favorite updates to Revit 2019.

Switching Between Home Display and Ribbon

    If you're already in a Revit project and you wanna return to the Home Display you can now click Home on the Quick Access toolbar, or use the shortcut CTRL+D to switch between the Home Page and the Ribbon.

BIM 360 Files

    Since this is a BIM Blog I couldn't go without mentioning some of the updates regarding BIM. One of the more helpful updates for BIM is the new BIM 360 list, on the left panel of the Revit home page there is a list of all of the BIM 360 projects. This making it easier to find the project you are looking for.

Multi-Monitor Support

    Finally! Revit is creating support for multi-monitor functioning, so you can just drag the view over to a different monitor or panel and use both at the same time for referencing. Fantastic for keeping a 3D view open on the side for constant viewing, No more switching constantly!

Tab Views

    A great new way to organize what you are working on, the new tab views allows you to keep each view in a tab and arrange them as you please. This is great for when you are checking your sheets and making sure they are all in order. Also if you want to move the tabs and arrange your windows in separate panels you can do that to keep multiple view open at once.

For More Information Regarding Revit 2019 Check out The AutoDesk Site:

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