Saturday, 2 February 2019

5 Ways To Find Ideas For Architectural Designs

One of the most creative ways to get those initial ideas for your project is to just get a sketch pad and a pencil, start by thinking about what you want your project to have and draw each idea as a concept. Eventually when you have many ideas and concepts, it will give you more of an idea of what your building will look like and you can take the best ideas and designs to create the most efficient thought-out design. This is a process that has worked many times for me when I'm coming up with my initial design.  

  2.   TAKE YOUR THOUGHTS AND MAKE A WORD WEB:                                                                    
When you need to start thinking about your design you need to start with the question what will this building need? Ex. (Lobby, Restaurant, Kitchen, Living space, Ect.) Then when you know what your building will need you will be one step ahead when designing the layout, and it can also give you some cool ideas for the general design. 

  3.   GO FOR A WALK:                                                                                                                                    
There's nothing better for inspiration and ideas then a walk outside, when you go outside and clear your mind you can think about things in a different way. You can just focus on the design and layout of the city around you, but you don’t just have to focus on the existing architecture around you also try to focus on the nature around you. One of  the best ways to come up with natural modern designs is to look at nature and think about a way to turn that into a great piece of architecture. 

When you're watching a good documentary on architecture it lets you inside the mind of that architect and about their process for design. Hearing about other people's processes can always help improve your process and the way you think about how to go about it. I will link some of my favorite documentaries below.          -Bjarke Ingles – Different angles                          -Sketches of Frank Gehry -Bjarke Ingles – Big Time 
    Check out "The art of design" on Netflix

5.   GO DOWN A NEVER-ENDING TUNNEL OF GOOGLE SEARCHES:                                                                    
One of the best ways to find Ideas but also waste about 4 hrs, is to start googling different things and keep clicking different suggestions until you have found an entire collection of great ideas. There are also many sites to help with this, go on Pinterest and make a page of cool ideas you’ve found, or go on google images and save all the good ideas to a folder for future references. As I said this can be a dark tunnel of time waste but you can also get some really cool ideas for your project.  


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